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handcrafted  by award-winning
italian gelato master moreno spangaro

Puro vegan gelato entire line of flavours has been created by award- winning Italian gelato master Moreno Spangaro.


No artificial flavours.

No pre-made bases, starters or mixes.

Completely vegan, gluten free and water-based, yet creamy and delicate.

Purely from scratch.

Moreno studied the art intensely in his hometown Trieste, Italy, with his dear friend and  maestro culminating with the creation of his unique water-based personal recipes.

The result: a first of its kind artisan product of outstanding quality.

"I use only organic seasonal fruits, top quality dark chocolate and rare Criollo cacao, superior Ivory Coast coconut, Madagascar and Tahitian Vanilla beans, 100% pure roasted almond from Avola,  100% pure Sicilian pistachio and Piedmont hazelnut imported from Italy, known to be the best in the world.

Zero shortcuts for my gelato, i cook the chocolates, cut and squeeze the fresh organic fruit, thirty shots of premium organic espresso coffee go into each coffee pan.


I believe my love and passion for the art of gelato and the respect for the earth are the key to PURO  extraordinary result.

The total exclusion of any kind of milk and cream in PURO vegan gelato will thrill your taste buds with its silky texture and true taste."




quote from VoyageLA magazine article :

"puro vegan gelato project starts dropping animal products and especially dropping products and ingredients that come from abused animals, this project gives me a feeling of freedom, peace and happiness."

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